Treating Endometriosis + Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disorders

Women’s health often assumes fertility and pregnancy, which leaves behind a plethora of chronic women’s health issues that go unmentioned in the periphery.

Having a personal history of an endometriosis diagnosis, as well as ovarian cysts, chronic inflammation and estrogen dominance, I know all too well how easy it is to feel that your voice is unheard and your symptoms overwhelm your entire life.

Treating chronic inflammatory conditions like endometriosis takes time and patience. I do not believe that there is one cause of endometriosis, which is why I take an integrative approach to addressing symptoms from both a mind-body and a physiological standpoint.

From one Endo Sister to another, I offer you opportunities to begin to work WITH your body instead of AGAINST it.

For more info about what endometriosis is, click here.

endo + pelvic embodiment work

Those with Endometriosis is often present with a mind-body disconnection of the pelvic floor, whether from long term rejection of the pelvic floor/genitals/uterus out of deep frustration, or from a history of trauma.

Statistically, 95% of us have dealt with a trauma- sexual, physical, emotional, or even in the form of a lifetime of microaggressions. These things can kick off a series of inflammatory responses resulting in the body attacking itself. Often, this inflammation is eased as we face our emotions about our bodies and our disease, listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us, and recognize our body for its service, its availability and its ABILITY to heal itself.

When we deal with chronic pain for so long we begin to recognize our pelvic area as a source of suffering. Embodied Pelvic Reintegration can allow the body to recognize its own boundaries, and gives us the opportunity to release the emotional patterning that we’ve assigned to our sexual organs. It allows us to create a map of the sensations within our bodies without assigning emotions to those sensations. Finally, it allows us to develop the language necessary to speak to our partners and doctors about what we’re experiencing and where, while reconnecting with and forgiving our bodies.

Laparoscopy is a common surgical procedure for endometriosis, both diagnostically and as a treatment for severe cases of pain. While surgery is often beneficial, repeated surgeries of any kind can lead to more scar tissue in the pelvic floor. In order to deter further damage of repeated surgeries, I also offer post-surgical scar tissue remediation. To read more about scar tissue, click here.

treating endo with acupuncture + chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has increasingly become a reliable way to address the pain and root causes of chronic pelvic inflammatory diseases. A study done in 2017 showed that patients receiving acupuncture achieved a 92% total effective rate, versus 52% total effective rate for hormone replacement therapy.

In TCM, there are several pattern diagnoses that are found to be the cause of endometriosis. Because every person is so vastly different from the next, each woman will have a slightly different variation of one of these patterns. At the bottom of each of these specific patterns is imbalance of the endocrine and other systems of the body. This can result in an immune response leading to chronic inflammation, scarring and adhesions.

The combination of acupuncture with nutrition and ancient Chinese herbal formulas restore hormonal and gut balance, stop excessive bleeding and pain by addressing chronic imbalances in the body.