My name is Maggie Flood. I’m a California state licensed acupuncturist and internationally certified sexological bodyworker. My story starts over a decade ago, when I developed severe pelvic pain and pain during sex after a series of traumatic events. Eventually, that pain become so pervasive that I had trouble walking. Eventually I was instructed to undergo pelvic floor PT, during which I had some very intense emotional releases and reactions to being touched, ranging from memories to sadness, shame and grief, although there was no support or explanation offered. This was where I began my newfound understanding that whatever was happening in my body was in direct relationship to my mind and past experiences. Thus, a seed was planted, dedicating me not just to the purpose of discovering the physiological origins of our pain, but also the emotional. Fast forward, past a laparoscopy to a diagnosis of endometriosis. Through the dedication of honoring my body and my pain as my teacher, I started down a path toward healing myself naturally. Taking myself off hormonal birth control, I learned to regulate my own cycle, changed my relationship to my body through diet, and eventually learned to begin the lifelong process of releasing shame around the sexual self.

I began the pursuit of becoming a holistic medical practitioner in my home state of New York and finished in San Diego. While studying for my Master’s of Science in Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, I focused my interests on treatment principles that addressed structural alignment, emotional release, and gynecological conditions. After graduating I began working almost exclusively with peri-natal women, at a clinic specializing in fertility, pregnancy, natural promotion of labor and postpartum care. I became trained as a postpartum doula through the ProDoula organization, and began providing acupuncture for home births, as well as in-home holistic care and nutrition for new mothers. As I worked with more postpartum women, I became more passionate about the postpartum experience - an area where there seemed to be a lack of support, both physically and emotionally, in the medical system. This lack of support resounded my own experience as an endometriosis patient, which only intensified my resolve to learn, expand, and offer my presence for those in similar circumstances. Knowing that I had more work to pursue, I later earned my certification in Sexological Bodywork through the Institute of Somatic Sexology in Australia. Currently, I continue my education in the path of working with trauma and its effects on the body, mind and spirit as I grow as a practitioner and human.

We forget that female health and sexuality are so incredibly multidimensional, and are overlooked in the wake of fertility and pregnancy being the main focus of a woman’s health throughout her life. We are programmed to ignore our sexual health until we want to have children, only to discover that we have knots to unravel. Through the combined efforts of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, boundary work and pelvic embodiment coaching, we can offer our bodies the physical and emotional healing necessary to achieve all we’re meant to, at every stage of womanhood.

This is why I created Sacral Spaces, an experience through which we can explore the most sacred area of ourselves through the lens of embodiment, where we can learn to release the shame that brings us physical and emotional pain, and bring us to the place where our bodies will allow themselves to heal. As an acupuncturist I offer you relief from pain, as an herbalist, internal physiological balance, and as a sexological bodyworker, recognition of the physical and emotional patterns that hold you back from your full potential of healing. My life’s work is to assist in the creation of a movement of somatic understanding, to help give rise to a new kind of body empowerment for women, by women.


Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

C.A. Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

Trained Postpartum Doula, ProDoula Organization, New York, NY

Internationally Certified Sexological Bodyworker / Somatic Sex Educator, Institute of Somatic Sexology, Australia

Student of Visceral Manipulation, Barral Institute, Seattle, Washington