Fertility + Pregnancy

fertility support

The art of fertility is about wellness, both physical and emotional.

Physical blocks to conception can be related to scar tissue, poor blood circulation, poor lymph circulation, endometriosis/adenomyosis (read more about that here), polycystic ovary syndrome, poor sperm motility/quality, and a plethora of other obstacles that effect both women and men. Because men are half the fertility equation, as a practitioner I insist on treating both parties (men included). Fertility treatments may include acupuncture, abdominal massage, lymph drainage massage, cupping, moxibustion, nutrition + lifestyle counseling, and somatic work.

Emotional blocks to conception can be related to pelvic congestion caused by emotional blockages, pelvic/sexual dissociation, poor sexual patterns, boredom in the bedroom, relational issues due to trauma, or emotional postural holdings preventing the body from feeling safety.

Often, a woman might have a difficult time with conception if her body has trouble feeling a sense of safety: safety in relationship, safety in the world, and safety in her body. When the body is constantly in active “fight or flight” mode (perhaps from emotional trauma, childhood developmental trauma, or harboring scar tissue from past physical traumas), the body will not be entirely present and rooted in a sense of safety. Embodied pelvic reintegration brings the awareness back to a woman’s body to allow her to feel alive, open, and safe. It allows her body an opportunity to develop boundaries to make a safe haven for conception, and a sense of sexual wholeness to assist in the act of creation.

pregnancy support

The body’s need for wellness doesn’t end at fertility. On the contrary, staying well during your pregnancy helps to ensure an easy labor and easy baby. Regular acupuncture treatments help mom stay stress-free and calm in order to grow a healthy nervous system for her baby. Herbal medicine is an option in cases of nausea, swelling, pain or fatigue.


Embodied pelvic reintegration work connects you to your baby in an amazing way - a session of coaching embodied presence with the womb space, allowing the body to acknowledge safe touch, and allowing yourself to fully experience your body during pregnancy opens a world of love and opportunities for you, your partner, and your baby. As you work to bring embodied presence to your pregnancy, you may also experience a reduction in labor time or pain as you learn to trust your body and its felt sense.

Natural Progression of Labor (NPL) is a particular style of acupuncture meant to naturally assist in beginning labor in women approaching due dates. This style of combined acupuncture, massage and moxibustion lends a gentle yet powerful push to the body in an all-natural (and relaxing) way. Starting NPL a week before your due date is a great alternative approach to invasive inductions. Gently easing the body into labor works with your body and allows it to open up in its own time. Weekly acupuncture treatments are recommended if you begin treatment (or are continuing from earlier in your pregnancy) between weeks 36-38. Beginning at week 38, twice weekly treatments are recommended. If your concern is avoiding induction, from 40 to 42 weeks of pregnancy it is recommended coming in daily, or every other day, until delivery.

Special rates may be offered to those seeing NPL for bi-weekly visits pre-labor. For further information, please contact Maggie here.