Treating Lack of Arousal/Libido + Orgasm

We are socially programmed to value orgasm as the goal of sexual experience. In that mindset, partner intimacy and body awareness are often overlooked as needs. We end up forgetting how fragile our body’s reaction is to lack of emotional intimacy or external stressors.

With pelvic embodiment

Using pelvic embodiment, we can come into our bodies and discover what it is that might be keeping us from fully enjoying our sexual experiences. We may start by utilizing exercises that can help you understand your body’s boundaries, followed by vaginal mapping to discover the physical and emotional landscape of your body. Additionally, this process charts your nervous system and its responses to stress. Embodiment practice gives you the tools you need to regulate your own stress responses and rebuild your relationship with your body. Often, lack of arousal or orgasm can be a result of trauma. To learn more about how we work with trauma when it arises, click here. 

With Chinese Medicine

Failure to thrive in sexual experience can also be physiological. Coming off hormonal birth control, entering menopause, postpartum hormones, as well as a variety of prescription medications can cause low libido due to imbalances in the body. In these cases, nutritional therapy, supplements, and herbal formulas are tailored to your body’s specific needs to address internal imbalances. Additionally, acupuncture assists in hormone regulation, realigns your body to its natural rhythms, and decreases stress.

However you are presenting with low libido or lack of orgasm, there are a variety of ways we can discover the root of the problem. From the start, remember that you are whole, and your body is there to work with you, not against you.