Healing From Pregnancy Loss


One of the greatest disservices to women’s health in western culture is the lack of general understanding of what it means to miscarry a pregnancy. The emotional and physical impacts suffered can cost a woman months, if not years of mental and physical dysregulation. When not properly cared for, miscarriage (regardless of type) can settle into the mind and body as as traumatic event. Taking the time to reclaim and empower the mind-body system builds greater capacity to heal, and move forward, and bloom again in our own time.

With embodied pelvic work we can refocus the body’s experience on safe touch. Allowing the pelvic floor to be fully experienced in safety brings physical and emotional healing to the womb. In these sessions you are safe to release as much or as little as your body permits.

Chinese medicine helps the body to repair from pregnancy loss with internal support. Acupuncture brings micro-circulation, qi and blood, back to areas of the body that need support, while herbal medicine harmonizes and rebalances the internal organ system from the inside. Building blood and energy back after loss is important, especially when a pregnancy ends in surgery. Mitigating symptoms and rebuilding internal resources is of vital importance for your body, and for future pregnancies.

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