Empowering Pelvic, Sexual and Reproductive Health Through Holistic Medicine and Facilitated Embodiment


Somatic Practice is the art of meditating on the sensations of the body from the level of grounded awareness. So many of us have been socially, emotionally, and physically removed from our pelvic floor, genitals and sexuality over the course of our lives, resulting in pain, loss of libido, loss of orgasm, chronic inflammation, numbness, tension or weakness. We accumulate our story through our personal experiences of puberty, rising sexuality, emotional trauma, physical injury and chronic illness, to pregnancy, postpartum and menopause.

Allowing and fully feeling the sensations of the body gives you the language you need to communicate with your lovers and doctors about chronic pain. It gives you the option of changing your neurological patterning and belief system about your body. It allows you to find your body’s boundaries and internalize consent. It empowers you to take hold of your relationship with yourself and others.

Approaching the body structurally (with acupuncture), internally (with traditional herbal medicine) and somatically (with pelvic reintegration bodywork), allows for full body recalibration. Whether you suffer from endometriosis, birth trauma, numbness, pain, loss of menses, orgasm or arousal, there is a combination of therapeutics in this toolbox that is right for you.

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… In living with chronic pelvic inflammation, it’s easy to feel left behind by the medical system. From one Endo Sister to another, I offer you opportunities to begin to work with your body instead of against it.

… The truth is that once a woman gives birth she is postpartum for the rest of her life. When birth trauma, both physical and emotional, goes untreated, the body will repair itself in a way that carries that trauma instead of processing and letting it go.

…Our availability for physical intimacy is important to the quality of our relationships with ourselves and others. Unexplained pelvic pain can be structural, emotional, or both.

… As we become present in our bodies we can discover what might be keeping us from fully enjoying our sexual experiences… Embodiment practice gives you the tools you need to regulate your own stress responses and rebuild your relationship with your body.

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