Vulvodynia + Vestibulodynia

Vulvodynia is defined as continual pain of the vulva, whether provoked (reactive to touch) or unprovoked. Often, this condition can go misdiagnosed and unsuccessfully treated for years. Vulvar pain can present in many different ways: burning, stinging, aching - and can sometimes mimic symptoms of infection. Often, we find that vulvodynia and its partner in crime, vestibulodynia (affecting the opening of the vagina),

Why Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine practitioners aim to view the body as a whole, and diagnostic patterns vary from individual to individual. It’s more than likely that your vulvar pain has a different root cause than someone else’s, even if you’re presenting with very similar symptoms. With a Chinese medicine approach we will take into account your personal history to determine the root cause of your problem. Our map of “you” might consist of your history of infections, vaccinations, physical or emotional trauma, diet, and even sleep patterns, to determine the best methods of treatment.

Dietary changes and herbal medicine address internal imbalances while acupuncture assists to relax the nervous system, both of which are major contributors to vulvodynia flairs. Additionally, pelvic floor “dysfunction,” tightness or poor spinal alignment are addressed with acupuncture of the low back and pelvic floor. (Don’t worry, no needles in the genitals, ever!)

Why Embodied Pelvic Work?

When it comes to vulvodynia, very often the nervous system begins to play a major role in effecting the way we approach sex. When sex is painful for a long period of time, our bodies begin to unconsciously avoid touch. With a slow and gentle approach, complete with embodiment coaching, the body can re-learn to feel safe. A beautiful ripple effect is possible when we remain present to what we’re feeling: we begin to allow the body to feel safe, the mind to relax, and the pelvic muscles to ease out of fight or flight. With practice, this gentle approach to vulvar massage can lead you out of pain and back into the bedroom.