In need of some self-love?

As a practitioner, I always start my pelvic reintegration sessions with a body scan meditation. Experiencing ourselves somatically requires that practice becoming aware of our bodies just as they are in this present moment. The point is never to try to change what is, but in fact to be with what "is" without labeling that experience as "bad" or "good" in the mind. Our bodies are never "good" or "bad." As we grow older we know realistically that nothing in life is ever expressed in black and white. Why on earth would we not then assign our bodies the same courtesy of understanding within this principle?

I created this meditation to inspire reconnection of what we've lost over so many years of compiling shame and resistance to who we are as sexual and cyclical beings, as women, and as animals in a world that routinely removes all those rites to life. It's a practice that, if used daily, helps to reinstate creativity and wellbeing through awareness. And, the best part is that it's simple and easy to do. So simple, in fact, that it serves as a reminder that less is more in our hectic world.

If you experience pelvic pain of any kind, this meditation can be used as a way to step into and understand what your body has to tell you. It can also be used as a tool of self-love practice. It can be done during a flair-up, when you’re feeling pain, disconnected, emotionally triggered, in need of self-care, or simply just wanting to connect with your body, vulva and womb space. Using it daily improves your levels of self-awareness, personal connection and growth. As always, I encourage you to journal about your experience.

Please download it. Use it. Celebrate yourself, in "good" times, and in "bad."

Much love,