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navigating intimacy: a skill building workshop for painful sex


Sunday, May 19th, 2019 1-4pm @ soul flow studio, north park, San Diego

Join me at Soul Flow Studio in May for an interactive workshop addressing painful sex with a complementary mix of Chinese medicine and somatic techniques!

This event is curated for those suffering from chronic pelvic inflammation in the form of endometriosis and adenomyosis. However, ALL forms of painful sex (dyspareunia) are welcome, including but not limited to those diagnosed with PID, vulvodynia, and ovarian cysts.

While this workshop is perfectly fine to attend alone, those with partners are ENCOURAGED to bring them! A special discount of $10 off the original price of $40 is offered to anyone whose spouse, sexual partner or significant other would like to attend. To get a discount code, please contact Maggie (below).

In this four hour workshop, we will be exploring:

Anatomy of Arousal

Not many of us know how the complex arousal system of the female body actually works. Many of us assume that there is something specifically wrong with us, but the fact is that much of what we experience is not visible to the naked eye. We will discuss what we know about our sexual anatomy, with the added bonus of talking about disruptive disorders that cause inflammation and scar tissue, and the effects they have on us, both physically and emotionally.

chinese medicine techniques for pelvic tension

In a brief overview of a large topic, we will discuss how Chinese medicine views the body, some of the acupressure points we can utilize to relax the pelvic floor, and modalities of treatment that you and your partner(s) can use at home.

nervous system self-regulation

In dealing with painful sex, the body often creates pathways to experiencing pain over pleasure. Here we will focus on utilizing breathing and embodiment techniques as both nervous system regulators and intimacy builders.

embodied consent

Consent is an important part of touch and pleasure. Whether our traumas come from being overly examined by medical practitioners and surgeries, or from a lifetime of small boundary violations, becoming aware of our bodies in stillness can give us a place from which we can speak with full consent and self-love. Learning to understand your body’s physical needs develops trust with partners as well as your own embodied wisdom.

Please see sign-up link for details involving venue, parking and cost.

Looking forward to seeing you there!