Embodied Pelvic Care

As no two bodies are alike, each person is in need of individualized care. You will need something different than the next person, no matter what. This is the foundation of whole body healing. Because of this, we often start the process of healing in one direction and end up going down different paths to come back to ourselves. For this reason, I allow the time and space for our sessions to be fluid. Our 1.5 hour sessions may include any of the following:

Sexological Bodywork

Embodiment Coaching

Herbal Medicine

Pelvic / Vulva Mapping

Scar Tissue Remediation

Boundary + Consent Exercises

Nervous System Recalibration Techniques

Acupressure with Somatic Processing

Visceral Manipulation



Abdominal Massage

Our 2 hour initial appointment includes an in-depth discussion about your medical, emotional, sexual and relational history, essentially creating a map of you. From there, we can assess where you find yourself presently and what your goals are.

Each session is 90 minutes of one-on-one care. In this dedicated space and time, we will create an outline of where we would like to take the work, and allow it to unfold naturally. Depending on your individual needs, the below model incorporates the format of a series of sessions.

  • RECALIBRATING the nervous system, exploring the emotional landscape of the pelvic area, and reconnecting you to your sexuality.

  • INCORPORATING the tools of embodiment practice and staying present with attention to the pelvic area.

  • MANAGING your pain, hormonal, gut and emotional health naturally.

  • REASSESSING your daily practices in relating to yourself and others.


This work is ideal for those who are looking for a mind-body approach to sexual and reproductive health, as well as for those dealing with complications related to the following:

Endometriosis / Adenomyosis


Fibroids / Cysts

Pelvic Pain / Painful Sex


Irregular / Absent Periods

Menstrual Pain

Sexual Wounding

Postpartum Healing

Childhood Physical / Emotional Wounding

Birthing Trauma, C-Section, Episiotomy or Tearing Scars

Lack of Libido


Pre or Post-Op Sex Assignment / Transitioning


Pricing is dependent on how many sessions are purchased as a series, and session needs are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Commonly Asked Questions

how many sessions do i need?

As every person has different needs, every series of pelvic care will be different. Some come infrequently for “one-off” sessions of self-exploration, while many others come as a means of self re-education. Embodied pelvic care is a process of growing awareness of the body. In this sense, the work should be understood as an education process, wherein I often assign “homework” to each client to assist in the somatic integration process, not unlike therapy. This simply means that the learning and integrating process depends on you and your time commitment to yourself. Typically, a series of 6 sessions gives you the tools you need to begin incorporating embodiment techniques into your life and sexuality.


As an acupuncturist and a sexological bodyworker, I am a trauma informed practitioner. What this means is that I am capable of re-grounding a situation in which trauma presents itself, and may offer tools for nervous system recalibration. I do take clients who are on a path to healing sexual trauma if they are within the active care of a therapist or trauma specialist, depending on severity. Please check the trauma section of my website for more info.

do you do online consults?

Bodywork sessions and acupuncture take place in-person in Southern California. One-hour online Zoom sessions are available for herbal consults, embodiment coaching and support. To inquire about scheduling an online session, please request a phone consult time in the scheduler below.

If you would like to be notified when online classes are offered, sign up for the email list.

Do you do extended sessions for those who travel?

Absolutely. If you are considering traveling a distance for this work, I offer flexibility in the form of extended (4 hour) sessions on a monthly or bi-monthly basis with online follow-ups. Contact me to discuss options.

do you offer payment plans or sliding scale?

As I strive to make my work accessible to all, I allow for a certain number of sliding scale opportunities throughout the year in cases of financial hardship. Please do not hesitate to contact me if this is the case and we may discuss your needs.

Cancellation Policy

Due to schedule demand and length of one-on-one sessions, I require 48 hours’ notice for any cancellation in order to make space for those who could be benefitting from the time slot. Please be mindful of your schedule so that I can provide you and others with the best care possible. In the event that less than 48 hours’ notice is given, a fee of 50% of the cost of time booked will apply. Thank for for valuing my time, as I value yours.

I require a complimentary phone conversation before we embark on a series of embodied holistic care to ensure that this work is a correct fit for you and your needs. Please choose a time from the schedule below to receive a free 15 minute phone call. If any of the below times do not work for your schedule, please send me an email at maggie@sacral-spaces.com and we will try to find a time that works for you.

I look forward to working with you.