Sexological Bodywork / Embodied Pelvic Care


Sexological Bodywork, also known as Somatic Sex Education, is a recognized and certified profession in the state of California and in countries around the world. Comprised of an assortment of methods that facilitate awareness of the body during sexual experience, it is an embodiment practice that assists you in the physical and emotional re-alignment with the pelvic floor and genitals.

From a young age, many of us are socialized, at one point or another, to view our genital area as "dirty,"or "bad." Can you imagine what would happen to your left arm if you were afraid to use it to its fullest capability over the course of your life? You would use it only when necessary and only in certain ways. Eventually you would only be able to bend it one way, and you will have forgotten its many uses, flexions and extensions of muscle. The same goes for the pelvic floor and genitals. You may find that your sex life relies on a particular pattern of fantasy, detached from bodily sensation. In other cases, such patterning can lead to numbness, low libido, an inability to fully feel the pelvic floor, or pain. Actively bringing awareness back to the pelvic floor allows for self acceptance, dissipates emotional holdings, and eases pain. Take notice of how often you are mindful during sexual practice with yourself and others, and you might find that you may be living inside your mind (in fantasy, worry, etc.) instead of being in full alignment with your body.

Facilitated sexological bodywork allows us to embrace our sexuality and our bodies, while we train our brains to recognize our sexual experiences positively, without judgement and reliance on past emotional patterning. In a sense, we are utilizing our own neuroplasticity to begin to feel our bodies and release old habits and thought patterns.

Sexological Bodyworkers are trauma informed, which means that if trauma presents during a session I am capable of assistance in down-regulating the nervous system and will invite you to return your focus to your body.

Scar Tissue

Chronic pelvic pain is often caused by scar tissue in the pelvic floor, which can cause adhesions that connect like a web through the pelvic floor to other parts of the body. Scar tissue may be caused by surgery, physical injury, IUDs, endometriosis and its associated treatments, appendectomy, childbirth injury/tearing, cesarean section, D&C procedures, sexual trauma, prostate growths and disorders, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Even continued vaginal penetration without proper arousal over a long period of time can be the source of pelvic scar tissue.

Using certain types of oils, massage, and somatic release techniques, we explore the emotional and physical causes and landscapes of pelvic scar tissue. With contact and attention, scar adhesions will often spontaneously unwind.

What Does A Session Look Like?

Upon beginning our work together we formulate an educational contract, which dictates the assumed track of our process, based on your needs or intentions. It also serves to outline our boundaries and allows the client autonomy in the process. Over the course of our work together, we may reassess and change our direction with clear communication.


Sessions may include talk, breath work, face-to-face boundary exercises, floor exercises, bodywork and muscle release, pelvic floor mapping and nervous system tracking. Options to include acupuncture, nutritional therapy or herbal medicine therapy serve to expedite the healing and integration process. However, please note that Chinese Medicine appointments will always remain separate from bodywork sessions.

Nudity is your preference in this work. More often than not, it takes more than one or two sessions for one to feel comfortable enough to undress. There is never any pressure to go further than your own pace. After all, the learning is found in feeling into and respecting the boundaries of your mind and body.

As a certified sexological bodyworker and licensed medical practitioner, I uphold a strict Code Of Ethics. This includes always wearing gloves during a session that includes touch. Additionally, I will always remain clothed. When touch is employed, it is one-way touch only, from practitioner to client. 

Sessions are 90 minutes.