Embodied Endo Course

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Dear endo Warrior,

You’ve been fighting for a long time, but it feels like something is missing. This course is a roadmap back to your pelvic root, your source energy and your guide to healing and intuition. This course is an invitation back to your sexuality, not as a broken woman or as a woman with chronic illness, but as a whole human. With this guide in your hands you are no longer a statistic. This is an invitation to empowerment, to remembering who you are from the depths of your womb space. This course is a gentle invitation back into your body.

this course is NOT…

  • Not another diet regimen.

  • Not another “cure.”

  • Not another affirmation trap.

    this course is…

    Packed FULL of management tools for both body AND psychology. It’s an invitation back to your womb space. It’s a chance to meet yourself again with purpose, healing and love. It’s an opportunity to re-ignite your sexual potential, and to use that potential for healing pain.

this Course is for you if…

You’re tired of clueless doctors, pain meds, diets and supplements lists. You’re looking for a new, holistic baseline of self-empowerment.

You’ve tried meditation, yoga and therapy to no avail.

You know there’s something missing from your holistic pain management regimen.

You want to learn what endometriosis is from a different perspective than the one you’ve been fed for years.

You feel you can’t have sex because of pain, or you’ve forgotten what pleasure is due to lack of libido, fear of being touched, or trauma from being over-touched by gynecologists, surgeons and PTs.

You’ve had a hysterectomy and feel disconnected from yourself as a woman.

You have pain with arousal or orgasms.

You yearn for positive group support.

This course is for any human with a womb/vulva/pelvic cavity, of any age, who has suffered with painful periods or endometriosis symptoms and is choosing not to give up. Because an invitation to pleasure brings us back to the body, and restructuring the body’s reactivity to pain is where we begin to heal. This course is open to you, whoever you are, and however you identify in this beautiful world.

My name is Maggie Flood. I’m an Endo Sister, Certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Visceral Manipulation Practitioner, and a student of the Organic Intelligence method of trauma healing. I look forward to meeting you and bringing you on this journey with me.

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